Vinicius Schettino

Software Engineer


I am a software engineer with 10+ years of expertise in the tech industry and an OpenSource ecosystem researcher, focused on code quality, code reviews and interactions between people in open projects. In my experience I have been in touch with many fields and technologies, as manager and engineer, including: medical systems, financial analysis, smart grids, IoT, electrical systems, E-commerce and more. I love building things from zero. My sweet spot are databases, monitoring and telemetry. Currently working on R&D projects and Educational Platforms. Advanced english (TOEFL ITP level B2) and intermediate italian proficiency.

Eligible to work in the EU.


Backend Software Engineer (Remote)

Eskolare | 2020 - PRESENT

Design serverless solutions to Education Management systems and marketplaces using PostgreSQL, Python (Django) and AWS. Testing, secure development, code standards and Software Quality. Database and customer satisfaction performance monitoring. Lead integration projects with external vendors.

GrafanaPythonDjangoSonarQubeAWS LambdaAWS CloudFormationREST APIs

Fullstack Software Engineering Expert

Federal University of Juiz de Fora | 2017 - PRESENT

Support to R&D researchers, tutor graduate/post graduate students. Develop educational software solutions to enrollment, time table and student follow up. High-performance computing (HPC), Linux, Software development workflow.

GrafanaPythonFlaskVue.jsGitLab CI/CDOracleREST APIs

Backend Software Engineering (Remote)

INESC Brazil R&D | 2018 - 2020

Lead the development of persistence and communication modules of an enterprise grade electrical distribution systems monitoring solution. Worked with a distributed team to build, deploy and maintain the system on substations all over the country.


CTO (Remote)

Imersa | 2018 - 2019

Helped to found a startup focused on machine learning, computational vision applied to a platform that transforms photos, stories and videos related to travels and school years into a personalized narrative. Lead team hiring and development of well trained and skilled developers.

TensorflowElasticSearchFlaskClarifaiProduct Management

Consultant / Software Engineer (Remote)

Self Employment | 2017 - 2020

Focused on training, onboarding and automation consulting. Workshops on technologies like Docker, Python (ML/CV), Git (Gitlab/CI/CD). Enterprise education, specially on software quality and security, CI/CD and remote work. Hiring approaches, screening and IT/Development structure. Expertise with companies of different sizes and fields, like financial analysis, smartgrids, IoT, electrical systems and more.

GrafanaWorkshopsDockerGitlab CI/CD

Wari Systems

R&D Leader | 2017 - 2017

Worked as lead tech expert on bringing data science features to the main product. Worked with consumption and profile data to product recommendation and optimize supply chain. Lead innovation on data visualisation, BI, data science and financial analytics. Implemented security features, procedures and monitoring for vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.


Product Leader

Smarti9 Communications | 2014 - 2017

Started as lead software developer and reached the product management position. Designed, managed and deployed several projects on smart grids, IoT and API integration. Started security procedures and workshops. Automated tooling on security and quality checks. Transformed ideas and academical research in actual profitable products. Hardware/Software communication to deliver performing and scalable solutions


Software Development Leader

Icarus Ocupacional | 2012 - 2014

Started as Junior full stack dev, reaching management positions years latter. Lead main product's new version development/migration, updating development process, CI/CD, Docker and Q&A. Also introduced the team to software testing, SonarQube, GitLab and other tools. Focused on savings in paper and money, agility in deliveries and automation of customer service.


RMA Tech

Ipasoft Informatics | 2010 - 2011

PC and notebooks assemble and maintenance. Implemented procedures for customer service, component testing and recycling.

Courses, Workshops and Talks


Hands on Docker workshop for DevOps and Sysadmin

DevOps 101

Intro course about DevOps, cloud services and automation to undergraduate students

Remote Work

Talk about remote work, how to adapt procedures from in-office procedures and how to change the classical management mindset


Hands on 1-week course for electrical engineers with background and C++ and C


1-week course about PostgreSQL indexes, table partitioning and HA features

OO Systems Design

Six month mentoring for undergraduate students on OO, UML and system requirements


Collaboration analysis in global software development

International Working Group on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design. Porto, Portugal (2019)

Towards community and expert detection in open source global development

International Working Group on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design. Porto, Portugal (2019)

Towards code reviewer recommendation: a systematic review and mapping of the literature

XXII Conferencia Iberoamericana de Software Engineering. Havana, Cuba (2019)

Relative Scalability of NoSQL Databases for Genotype Data Manipulation


Spotify characterization as a software ecosystem

11th Brazilian Symposium on Software Components, Architectures, and Reuse - SBCARS (2017)

Avaliação do desempenho relativo de bancos de dados NoSQL para a arquivos de genótipos

X BreSci - Brazilian e-Science Workshop / XXXVI Porto Alegre (2016)


Master's in Software Engineering

Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil

2018 - 2019

Bachelor in Information Systems

Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil

2012 - 2016

Technical degree in industrial informatics

Federal Institute of Science and Technology

2009 - 2011



Backend Development
Software Design
Team Management
SQL Databases
API Design
Project Management
NoSQL Databases
Dev Ops
Data Science
Artificial Intelligence






LinuxGitlab (CI/CD)GitHubGrafanaSonarQubeGitSwaggerGoogle AnalyticsDockerSentry


PostgreSQLMariaDBRedisRabbitMQApache KafkaElasticSearch